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Welcome to Our IBM Retirees Site
This is a privately maintained site dedicated to current and previous IBM employees, their families, friends, and associates.  It is not officially associated with IBM or any of its subsidiaries.  Please visit our Links page for links to some official sites.

What's Here?

This site is provided for us to share information.  If you have something that may be of interest to other retirees, please share it.  One way is to use our retiree's mailing list.  If you are a member, you can post a message to all members using email.  Anyone can use our Bulletin Board to post a message to the website and anyone can respond.  If you register other people can contact you via email and, you can create a public or private BLOG where you can share with anyone or only members you select.

We try to keep our web content both fun and informative.  Our News page contains current information of interest and our Weather page gives you access to current weather conditions in South Florida.  Visit our multimedia pages for audios, videos, and photo galleries of interest.

Contact a Member

Join Our Retired IBM Mailing List

In addition to using our mailing list forum, if you register your name and email address visitors can send you an email via our Contact Us page.  Adding your email to our mailing list does not automatically register you with the site and registering does not automatically add you to a mailing list.

If you are looking for one of our members, go to our [Contact Us] page, enter all or part of the members name, and click Find a Member Named. If a registered member is found, their name will be added to the Recipients list for selection.  Then, enter your contact information along with a message and it will be sent to the member.  Members real email addresses are always hidden to prevent unwanted SPAM but the member can use your contact information to respond to you.

Site Contributions

If you would like to contribute an audio, video, or photos, please use FTP to upload them to the site and then notify Webmaster of your contribution so that it can be incorporated.  Thanks in advance for your contribution.

Thanks for visiting.  This site is under construction and will contain omissions and errors.  When you see something, please notify the Webmaster so that it can be corrected.  Thanks for your help.

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Send mail to the WebMaster with questions or comments about this web site. 
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